Graham Peter Dalziel Mac Kenzie

Family name: Mac Kenzie
E-Mail: [email protected]
Given name: Graham Peter Dalziel


  Dates Source
Triponza Trading 448CC
Dan John Products CC
Triponza Trading 448 CC
Sharks (Pty) Ltd[Non Executive Director]
Sharks Academy (Pty) Ltd [Non Executive]
Sharks Medical (Pty) Ltd [Non Executive]
Sharks (Pty) Ltd [Non Executive Director]
(Pty) Ltd

Financial interests

  Value Nature Dates Source
Triponra Trading 448CC - -
Triponza Trading 448 CC [Private] - Ordinary
Triponza Trading 448CC - Ordinary


  Status Role Dates Source
Congress of the People (COPE) - Member
Standing Committee on Appropriations - Alternate Member
Sport and Recreation - Alternate Member
Portfolio Committee On Mining - Member
Mining - Alternate Member